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Maximizing efficiency across your institution

Pure provides tools to enrich and streamline multiple research processes, so you can drive performance and results in what you do—whether you’re an institutional leader, research manager, library professional, or information technology specialist.

Pure benefits

Information technology officers

Take advantage of a cohesive research ecosystem to augment research performance, funding and institution-wide decision making.

Access complete research visibility via connected internal and external reporting on research activity and compliance.

Improve research perception among potential collaborators by organizing and showcasing institutional accolades.

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Capitalize on funding opportunities with easy and clear visibility into workflow activity and milestones.

Demonstrate global impact with quantitative and qualitative indicators interlinked with research output.

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Mark Nijland

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA

"Moving to Pure has given us a whole new perspective on how we can connect research productivity to faculty, and we look forward to using it to help faculty maintain faculty research productivity metrics."

Mark Nijland, UT Health San Antonio, USA
How can RIMS benefit institutional leaders?

How can RIMS benefit institutional leaders?

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Research managers

Transform your office’s ability to collect and manage data, guide decision making and deliver new insights.

Seamlessly maintain complete reporting on connected research activity and current compliance.

Drive connectivity between multiple research teams by easily organizing institutional and research activity data.

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Maintain multiple project workflows for accurate tracking across research activity and milestones.

Advance academic goals by elevating institutional performance and streamlining grant applications and research outputs.

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Tiago Guedes

Nova University, Portugal

“I think the system really shines when it’s fully integrated…you get the original source data from Scopus, but then you can actually edit it and manage it in Pure. So, the quality of data that you're getting in SciVal is much better [and] you can guarantee the Deans that you’re not losing as much data as if they were using only Scopus.”

Tiago Guedes, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal
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How can RIMS benefit research management officers?

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Library and information science professionals

Leverage a highly proactive and responsive interface to enable efficient institutional archiving and enhanced research visibility.

Generate actionable insights by supporting connected and accurate reporting on real-time research activity.

Support collaboration among various research teams through organized overviews of research activity data.

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Enable precise tracking of the entire funding lifecycle and various research milestones by supporting multiple project workflows.

Boost institutional visibility via compelling stories, vibrant public profiles and tailored views of your institution’s research activities.

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Aija Kaitera

University of Helsinki, Finland

…we’ve been using Pure on a regular basis, so we use it on annual reporting on publications to the Ministry of Education and Culture. And then we do an ad hoc analysis on the data. So, we’re using it all the time and researchers know that we use it. And then, of course, the publicity you get through the portal, that’s a very important encouragement for researchers.

Aija Kaitera
Cover image - How can RIMS benefit library and information science professionals factsheet

How can RIMS benefit library and information science professionals?

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Information technology specialists

Provide a functional solution while maintaining a high level of security and reliability with an ISO 27001 certified RIMS.

Simplify integration between diverse internal and external data sources via a fully interoperable system.

Manage complex security structures with a system based on ISO standards and protocols, global best practices and continuous software development.

research management

Adapt and scale to meet your organization’s requirements by delivering added functionality through extensible technology design.

Transform IT operations by eliminating the need for hardware sourcing, custom software development, ad hoc systems, and continuous maintenance.

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Timmy Liu

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

[We chose Pure] for two reasons. One is because we were looking for the leader in the industry and the other one is the support that they can provide.

Timmy Liu, Data Analytics Lead, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
How can RIMS benefit information technology officers - factsheet cover image

How can RIMS benefit information technology officers?

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