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Manage the full academic lifecycle and gain insights with Interfolio

Discover how Interfolio’s innovative Faculty Information System enables academic leaders to achieve strategic success. A unified platform gives leaders the visibility into faculty work and career milestones they need to drive institutional impact.

Academic leaders use the Faculty Information System to do these tasks

Get insights into your institution’s most valuable asset: your academics

With the Faculty Information System, you enable your academics to tell their best story

Make recruitment more equitable and efficient

Interfolio’s Faculty Search module makes workflows and collaboration around recruitment more effective and productive. Built for shared governance, Interfolio understands the specific demands of academic recruitment and offers intuitive tools for candidates and committee members. 

Handle the whole academic recruitment process, including the job board and applications, confidential letters, committee review and diversity data reporting, and more. 

Explore faculty recruitment

How to handle the whole academic recruitment process

Drive fair and transparent evaluation of academics

Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure module enables institutions to manage academic evaluations online. Interfolio facilitates easy collaboration between committee members with permission-based workflows. Candidates understand the requirements and can effectively tell their academic story. 

Conduct all your academic professional evaluations efficiently and securely online—no more binders, USB drives, or risky homegrown solutions. 

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Conduct all your academic professional evaluations efficiently and securely online

Manage academic appointments with ease

Interfolio’s Lifecycle Management module maintains a complete roster of all academic staff at your institution and gives a visual representation of their professional journey—past, present, and future. 

Get insights into your academics through a central repository for title, grade, appointment(s), terms of employment, workload allocation, expected upcoming reviews, eligibility for leave, contract exceptions, and more. Take action on this data to initiate cases, plan budgets, meet deadlines for promotions and reviews, and anticipate retirements and staffing needs. 

Explore lifecycle management

Visual presentation of their professional journey

Centralise academic data for strategic insights

Interfolio’s Faculty Activity Reporting module provides a centralised platform for data collection and reporting of the teaching, research, and service activities undertaken by academic staff. 

Academic leaders can celebrate the impact of their academics with a birds-eye view of their holistic contributions. Additionally, they can easily query reliable data for accreditation, awards, workloads, strategic planning, and more. 

Explore activity reporting

Birds-eye view of holistic contributions

Interfolio’s key benefits that contribute to academic success

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Seamless Experience

Streamline every phase of the academic lifecycle—from assembling and submitting an application to handling promotions.
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Efficient Administration

Free up administrative staff time and promote operational efficiency by providing tools for organisation, communication, and reporting.
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Focused Committee Work

Better equip your committees to get down to the important business of reviewing candidates—instead of wasting time just finding and accessing materials and taking notes.
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Equity and Consistency

Ensure all parts of your institution are using consistent language, criteria, forms, and procedures where required. Spot disparities and base policies on strong evidence.
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Central Data Hub

Collate all your scholarly activity information and report from the same pool of verified data. Support external accreditation and equality and diversity initiatives.
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Flexible Sources

Ingest data from academic curriculum vita, bibliographic databases and repositories, Research Information Management systems, HR systems, and more.

"I have nothing but praise for Interfolio. Everything works brilliantly, faculty love the experience, and we have much greater capabilities across the full spectrum of faculty affairs work."

Sian Smith, INTF


Sian Smith

Assistant Director, Research and Faculty Office at London Business School

University leaders: Gain insights, equity, and efficiency into your faculty and academic work and advance your institution.

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