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Form letter A2: To author

Form letter A2: To author regarding suspected plagiarism in a submitted article

Form letters are examples of appropriate letters for various situations. Please find below the text of Form letter A2: To author regarding text similarity in a submitted article. You can copy this text and adjust it to your needs.

This form letter is used in the following decision trees:

Form letter A2: To author regarding text similarity in a submitted article


[title of article, date of submission]

Dear [author],

In reviewing your manuscript, I discovered that there are sections which seem to be unoriginal, having appeared in the following previously published work(s): {insert details}.

In this case, the overlap goes beyond the normal occurrence of standard phrases in your field.  Specifically, {insert details} of your paper contain(s) a significant amount of (verbatim) textual overlap with the mentioned previously published work(s). Moreover, this prior work has not been cited in your submission. For this reason your paper cannot be considered for publication.

It is the policy of [JOURNALFULLTITLE] to publish new and original work. Text copied from copyrighted works from third parties, even in an introduction, should never be used without clearly identifying the other source (either by quotations or indentations). Every paper should present some novelty and new results in the form of a unique paper written in an author's own words. Unless a legitimate explanation is received for the large amount of textual overlap between the submitted paper and the abovementioned previously published work(s), this paper will not be reconsidered for publication.

We further inform you that [JOURNALFULLTITLE] uses Crossref Similarity Check powered by iThenticate software to check the originality of manuscripts.

For more information on Crossref Similarity Check, please visit their website at in new tab/window.

Yours sincerely,

[editor name]