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Research Data Management

Resources and solutions to provide individual and institutional support for the research community so that they can navigate the research data ecosystem and achieve their RDM goals.

Research data management

A portfolio of solutions to support your RDM workflow

Research data is central to scientific discovery, research integrity, and the recognition of your researchers’ contributions. We understand the need to comply with data policies and funder mandates, which is why our suite of solutions has been developed with institutions and researchers in mind. Our RDM suite ensures seamless support to your data sharing and linking across the RDM lifecycle.

RDM Video

Research Data Management with Elsevier

Research Data Management Lifecycle

Elsevier's Research Data Management (RDM) solutions support librarians, researchers, and institutions to navigate the research data lifecycle, empower open science and facilitate data sharing and reuse.

Research data management lifecycle

Data Monitor: Draw on millions of research data records stored in 2,000+ repositories to give your institution visibility of your entire research data output.

Digital Commons Data: A data repository for researchers, administrators and data curators to store, manage, publish and preserve an institution’s research data sets.

Pure: A Research Information Management System (RIMS) that empowers you to collaborate and maximize funding opportunities, and globally showcase your institution’s achievements.

Mendeley Dataopens in new tab/window: The free, generalist repository for researchers and librarians to find research data, store data, make research data citable, and share progress. 

RDM Solutions

“We wanted researchers to be able to manage project data through its lifecycle seamlessly. From planning and collection to storage and analysis, and publication to archival or disposal.”


Dr. Anesh Nair

Manager, Research Ethics, Integrity and eResearch at University of Canberra

White papers and case studies

The expectation for shared and managed research data is being set by funders globally. Discover the rationale for institutional data tracking and how some institutions are navigating the policy and practice landscape. To learn more about how institutions are strengthening their Research Data Management practices, read one of the many whitepapers and case studies we have available to hear more about how our solutions can help save time and effort in data management.

RDM White papers


Research Data Management is a key topic that is discussed across the globe. As research data mandates grow, more information is needed to understand the aspects of data management and what it means for your institution. Elsevier has engaged in a number of discussions with the purpose of understanding and sharing information about Research Data Management. In this collection of webinars, we cover trends, FAIR data sharing practices, how to find and locate research data, and much more.

RDM Webinars

Elsevier’s RDM Partnerships

Data sharing supports transparency and reproducibility, building trust in science. Elsevier plays a key role in supporting institutions and researchers who want to store, share, discover and reuse data. We are committed to working with others to address challenges in making data more effective. As partners in the RDM ecosystem, Elsevier has partnered with programs like RDMLA and the NIH’s GREI initiative. 

RDM Partnerships

Funder Policies and RDM Resources

As partners within the RDM ecosystem, Elsevier hopes to promote transparency and partnership across the globe. For this purpose, we have added useful links and recommended resources for RDM across the globe including links to funder policies and data management plans, data-sharing guidance for authors, and more.

RDM Resources and Policies