Asia-Pacific eBook Forum 2020

COVID-19 and the Future of Libraries

Accepting the Challenge and Recognizing the Opportunities

This webinar is aimed at the international library community at this time of change and challenge brought about by COVID-19. It focuses on the immediate practicalities of providing library services during a pandemic, when the longer-term future is not clear, offering participants an opportunity to hear from leading practitioners across the region and beyond as well as sharing their own concerns and solutions to date. The discussions will build on this exchange by drawing on recent work done in the field by Professor David Baker and Dr Lucy Ellis, identifying exemplars of best practice and creating a framework for further interchange of ideas and solutions for the next twelve months and beyond. Through the use of live polls, delegates will have ample opportunity to participate in the webinar discussions and shape the outcome.

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The webinar was held on Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST/ 11:00am - 12:00pm UTC+8

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Segments and topics


1:05pm - 1:15pm

10 minutes presentation

Segment one will focus on:

  1. The Present situation for libraries, with examples from the region and beyond. What are the biggest practical issues and what might the best solutions be?
  2. What is the best balance between physical and digital resources for now? What role should physical library space and services play?
  3. What should libraries be doing for the medium term and post-COVID-19?

Professor David Baker

Dr Lucy Eliis

1:15pm - 1:40pm

25 minutes discussion

(5 mins per panelist, 10 mins panel discussion)

Segment two presents an international panel of library leaders who will describe their experiences:

  • Advice to librarians based on their own experience
  • Their main concerns and plans for the future
  • What has not gone so well
  • What has gone well
  • What they have been doing so far
  • Key take-away messages

Diana Chan, University Librarian

Hong Kong S&T University

Diane Bruxvoort, Dean of Libraries

University of North Texas

Caroline Williams, University Librarian

University of Queensland

1:40pm - 2:00pm

20 minutes QnA

Segment three will consist of a Question and Answer session based on questions submitted in advance by registered delegates.

In summary, the presenters will highlight the key themes and actions for a follow-up webinar.

Moderated by:

Sumeet Rohatgi

Speaker profiles

Professor David Baker

Professor David Baker

Plymouth Marjon University, UK

Emeritus Professor of Strategic Information Management, Director of David Baker Consulting and Co-editor of 'Future Directions in Digital Information: Predictions, Practice and Participation'.

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Dr Lucy Ellis

Dr Lucy Ellis

Exeter University, UK

Associate of David Baker Consulting, Honorary Research Fellow at Exeter University and Co-editor of 'Future Directions in Digital Information: Predictions, Practice and Participation'.

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Diana Chan

Diana Chan

University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Director of Library Services, Chair of JULAC Consortial Committee and Hong Kong Monographic Acquisitions Committee.

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Diane Bruxvoort

Diane Bruxvoort

University of North Texas, Texas

Dean of Libraries at the University of North Texas.

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Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams

University of Queensland, Australia

University Librarian at the University of Queensland.

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Sumeet Rohatgi

Sumeet Rohatgi

Elsevier, Singapore

Asia-Pacific Marketing Director at Elsevier.

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Future Directions in Digital Information 1st Edition

Predictions, Practice, Participation

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