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Developing excellence in nursing practice and better patient outcomes in clinical environments

Elsevier Clinical eLearning hospital-wide courses are designed for nurses and other healthcare professional across all hospital and clinical environments. Interactive courses cover a broad range of clinical topics and software training, to ensure consistent, high-quality care. Courses are prepared by experts and feature engaging eLearning techniques including interactivity, role plays, and case studies.

Elsevier's rigorous editorial standards, including peer reviews, ensure that courses are based on current evidence and clinical practice.

Hospital wide courses available

  • ANPD: Frontline Nurse Leader 2.0

    ANPD Frontline Leader Development Program supports the education and training of newly appointed frontline nurse leaders to successfully transition into the challenging and multifaceted managerial role.

  • ASPAN: Mosby’s Orientation to Perianesthesia Nursing1 2

    Developed in collaboration with the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN), this authoritative, evidence-based online course teaches the foundational knowledge required to deliver safe, effective perianesthesia care. The course gives nurses the knowledge and confidence to care for patients throughout the perianesthesia continuum.

  • Elsevier Regulatory Refresher 1.1

    A curriculum comprised of 3 courses with a total of 4-6 lessons each to meet the annual mandatory compliance education needs of various roles of seasoned hospital personnel (Non-Clinical, Clinical Ancillary and Clinical Nursing Personnel). The course is an abbreviated review and is not a replacement for full compliance training. It is presented as a “refresher” for “seasoned” learners who have prior knowledge of these topics.

  • Mosby’s Essential Nursing Continuing Education

    This uniquely designed and developed collection emphasizes evidence-based content for topics relevant to all nursing specialties. Developed upon a foundation of Joint Commission standards and the framework of five specialty professional nursing practice standards, the lessons focus on the need-to-know information and are presented as case-based, interactive and engaging experiences for the learner. Each lesson is mapped to one or more standards and groupings which make identifying and assigning appropriate lessons easier in order to meet the organization on and learner’s goals.

  • Mosby’s Medical-Surgical Nursing orientation

    Developed in collaboration with the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) to help new nurses build and refine their clinical judgement and critical thinking skills as they transition to practice. This interactive, cutting-edge course consists of 26 lessons with branching case studies and role play scenarios that educate nurses about relevant clinical and professional practice issues.

  • Mosby's Nursing aide curriculum

    Supports the education and training of assistive personnel across a variety of settings to deliver safe and quality patient care. The course also helps facilities, organizations, and agencies in complying with accreditation, credentialing, and regulatory standards and with promoting patient satisfaction.

  • Mosby's Orientation to Home Health Care2

    Mosby’s Orientation to Home Health Care is a comprehensive online, continuing education course that helps both new and experienced nurses and therapists. Written and peer reviewed by expert home health care nurses and therapists, this course includes 24 lessons that incorporate best practice and practical, evidence-based content and promote effective, interprofessional collaboration. Other course features include:

    • interactive activities

    • case studies and cultural considerations

    • documentation highlights

    • patient education handouts

  • Mosby’s Preceptor 3.02 Developed in collaboration with the Association for Nursing Professional Development, this blended-learning course prepares a preceptor to orient new clinicians and precept students during clinical practice. The online curriculum enhances the unit-based orientation process, contributes significantly to improved recruitment and retention, and fosters competency development and safe, quality patient care. This solution has a Knowledge Inventory Tool, which identifies knowledge gaps and lessons to address them. Use with Elsevier Performance Manager to assign lessons automatically to learners.

  • The Acute Care Accreditation/Occupational Safety and Health Course

    Incorporating the most accurate-up-to-date content available, this course helps organizations meet regulatory compliance standards and promote safe, quality patient care. It also keeps employees updated on the latest regulatory requirements, standards and laws, and prepares staff at all levels to discuss key patient safety requirements with accreditation and regulatory surveyors.

  • AMSN: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for the Healthcare Workforce AMSN has developed a 6-module e-learning course for a larger initiative on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in nursing and healthcare. This initiative includes the needs of patients as well as health care providers. This program covers general DEI societal and health care information, as well as five marginalized groups.

  • Transition to Nursing Professional Development Practice ANPD has developed this program to provide the novice NPD practitioner with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Nursing Professional Development Scope and Standards required for NPD practice. The purpose of this program is to provide the novice NPD practitioner with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Nursing Professional Development Scope and Standards required for NPD practice.

Promote professional development and practice improvement with evidence-based learning

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1 Clinical eLearning course can be delivered seamlessly through the HealthStream Learning Center. HealthStream

2 Knowledge Inventory Tool (KIT) available for this course