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Location, Accommodation


The Self-Organization in Biology: Freiburg Spemann-Mangold Centennial Symposium will take place in Freiburg, Germany, at the authentic sites of Spemann and Mangold’s work.

The main conference site will be the historic Aula of the University of Freiburg, originally built just a few years before Spemann arrived in Freiburg, now a modern lecture hall on the inside.

The museum of the university has original exhibits of the Spemann laboratory on display, and the site of the building in which Hilde Mangold did her famous experiments is just a short walk away from the symposium site.

The conference dinner is planned in the Historische Kaufhausopens in new tab/window next to Freiburg Cathedralopens in new tab/window, both landmarks today as authentic as in Spemann and Mangold’s time.

Neue Aula - Kollegiengebäude 1 University of Freiburg Platz der Universität 3 79098 Freiburg Germany


Information on booking accommodation will be added shortly.

WARNING - SCAM ALERT: Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS) & Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM), Traveller Point (TP) and Travel Hosting Team (THT)

Elsevier has been made aware that third-party companies are targeting Elsevier conference speakers and attendees with a fraudulent travel and hotel booking scheme.

The companies are calling/emailing conference attendees, using email addresses which appear very similar to official Elsevier email addresses, and claiming to be the “official” housing bureau and/or authorized by Elsevier to book hotel/travel accommodations for the conference. This is entirely false and should anyone contact you, please do not provide them with any of your details, but refer this to Elsevier. If you are in any doubt about an email regarding the conference, please check this with a member of the organising team via: [email protected]opens in new tab/window