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Tandabany Dinadayalane


Tandabany Dinadayalane


Clark Atlanta University, USA

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Tandabany Dinadayalane has been Professor of Chemistry at Clark Atlanta University, USA, since 2014. After being awarded his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Pondicherry University, India, he took up a research position at Jackson State University, USA, where he conducted high performance computational investigations of structures, reactivities, electronic, transport and mechanical properties of carbon-based nanomaterials, and taught several classes in general and computational chemistry prior to taking up his current role.

He has co-authored over 70 papers and 10 book chapters, has been awarded several awards for his work, and has presented talks at numerous conferences. In addition, he actively works to help increase the number of underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in computational chemistry and nanoscience research. He co-edited Properties and Functionalization of Graphene (2022) with Frank Hagelberg for the TCC book series before agreeing to succeed Jane S. Murray and the late Peter Politzer (1937-2022) as series editors upon their recommendation, alongside Elena Jakubikova. His current research interests include 2D materials for energy and environmental applications, chemical and bio-sensors, exploring assembly of materials for novel applications, reaction mechanisms and non-covalent interactions.