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Maria Teresa Ferretti

Chief Scientific Officer

Group Leader, Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Ferretti is a junior group leader at University of Zurich, leading a small research group aimed at investigating immune responses to Alzheimer's pathology.

She is a senior biomedical researcher with over 10-year experience in the field of immunology of neurodegeneration, and advocates for targeted ('precision') medicine approach for Alzheimer's disease. She leads the scientific writing and outreach activities of WBP. She has published, on behalf of the WBP, two special issues with leading journals (Alzheimer's and Dementia and Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology), 2 papers (including a review in Nature Reviews Neurology), initiated a project with the European Academy of Neurology and actively gives talks on the topic of sex and gender in brain and mental diseases. She also helps organize the biennial International Forum on Women's Brain and Mental health.