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Advances in Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Aim & scope

Green Chemistry is a rapidly emerging field that includes a variety of areas in physical sciences, engineering, education, and policy making/enforcement. As an overarching philosophy it slowly changes the way people think of the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, waste handling and recycling, toxic substances, energy production and consumption, environmental protection: in short, everyday life. The purpose of this series is to bring the most recent information to readers who actively form these areas by designing industrial processes, consumer goods, electrical grids, and myriad other areas of life so we can accelerate the change for the better and minimize or perhaps undo the damage that humans have already caused to the planet.

Sample cover of Advances in Green and Sustainable Chemistry

While perhaps this goal sounds far too ambitious, the widespread international action on restoring our ozone layer shows that it is indeed possible.


The series is designed to enable researchers in both academia and industry to efficiently keep abreast of developments in topics of Green Chemistry.

Series Editor


Bela Torok

Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA

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Timothy Dransfield

Associate Teaching Professor

Department of Chemistry, Northeastern University, Boston

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