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Enriching human knowledge with responsible AI

Working with the research and health communities, we combine trusted, verified content and human expertise with the power of AI to advance human progress.

Four researchers gathered by screen and using ai and data responsibly

Using AI to help you succeed

We bring together trusted content, human expertise, and responsibly applied artificial intelligence technologies to help researchers, educators and healthcare professionals worldwide advance  discovery, innovation and patient care.

Insights 2024: Attitudes toward AI

Discover what researchers and clinicians around the world think about the use of AI in their work.

Researcher looking at graphic on screen while holding device

Trusted information powered by AI

As information grows at unprecedented speed, and fake news and AI-produced hallucinations are on the rise, it is more important than ever to protect the quality and integrity of scientific and medical information.  

At Elsevier, everything we do is rooted in trusted, quality, verified information. Our AI tools draw from the millions of accurate, verifiable and up-to-date information including peer-reviewed articles and abstracts from scientific journals, medical books, and, evidence-based clinical overviews that researchers, doctors and nurses rely upon each day.  

Female scientist conducting medical research

Empowering researchers and clinicians to transform the way they work

Our generative AI tools are tailor-made to help researchers and healthcare professionals work more effectively and efficiently by finding the information they need, make critical connections and extract key insights in seconds and with precision.  

With over a decade of experience in combining AI with quality content, data and human expertise, we use proprietary technologies, such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG), as well as generative AI, so our users can ask conversational and multi-faceted questions and get accurate answers that come with verified sources. 

Our generative AI tools for researchers and clinicians

Responsible AI shaped by human expertise and community input

In developing and enhancing our tools, we bring together the subject matter expertise of our colleagues, spanning different research fields, education or clinical care, and continuous input from the research and healthcare communities that we serve. Innovation is an iterative process, so we test and build all our products, including generative AI tools, with extensive feedback from tens of thousands of users around the world to ensure they add value to their work. 

We work hard to ensure safe and responsible AI practices across our entire portfolio of solutions. This means we consider the real-world impact of our solutions, aim to prevent bias, can explain how our solutions work, maintain human oversight and protect privacy.