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Primary Care Information for Medical Decision Making

Fisterra provides quick access to quality, structured and evidence-based content for primary care professionals to solve their doubts and make the best decisions at their point of work.

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Product benefits

Reliability and universal access

Fisterra stands out for its rigor, offering health content created by professionals. This feature ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

The multi-device design allows easy access from anywhere, either through a computer or mobile device, ensuring interaction with content comfortably and efficiently.

Mexican nurse with tablet sitting with a patient

Broad content and continuing education

Fisterra offers a wide variety of content, from clinical practice guidelines to advice for patients. These resources are designed to aid decision-making and improve the quality of care.

In addition, it promotes continuous training through accredited courses. It also provides comprehensive information on medications, dosages and interactions, backed by handy support tools.

Integration of advanced services and functionalities

Fisterra can be easily integratedopens in new tab/window into any health system, allowing a direct connection with the electronic medical record. This improves the efficiency of the healthcare process.

In addition, advanced functionalities such as predictive search and content interrelation facilitate quick and easy access to relevant information.

Fisterra subscribes to the HONcode Principles.