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Library Connect Academy

Resources for library and information science professionals looking to enhance their skills utilizing content developed by their peers.

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Welcome to Library Connect Academy!

Expand your knowledge in a range of topics through our self-paced courses. Each course includes updated learning content, tips and tricks from librarians across the globe, additional open resources and more.

How to enroll

Follow these steps

1. Scroll down and click the 'Join the course' button to enroll in a module All course materials and assignments, including video tutorials, discussion forums and assessments are hosted on our trusted partner, Canvas learning platform. To get started, scroll down and click the 'Join the course' button to register on Canvas. You will receive a “Welcome to Catalog” email from, Canvas' parent company. 

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2. Read and watch the provided content Engage with peer-developed content including valuable tools and resources on information and science literacy, measuring research and institutional impact, research metrics and promoting your library.

3. Complete a short quiz to test your understanding To obtain your certificate, complete the quiz consisting of 5 questions at the end of a module with a minimum score of 80% (4 out of 5 correct). You can retake the quiz multiple times and access correct answers and relevant tutorials after each incorrect response.

4. Get your certification Download your certificate of completion and badges to share on LinkedIn and email.

Science Teaching & Learning

By promoting science literacy, librarians play a critical role in fostering a culture of critical thinking, empowering all levels of students and researchers to make informed decisions leading to increased scholarly success.

This self-paced course provides librarians with core tools and knowledge to advance science and teaching practices.

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Research Impact

Explore ways to provide informed guidance to your institutional research community by learning more about accessing relevant scholarly work, research metrics, strategic collection development and more.

This self-paced course provides foundational knowledge across select research impact topics.

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Institution/Library Impact

Aligning library mission with institutional strategic goals elevates the image and value of academic librarians.

This self-paced course provides a framework for stakeholder management, inspiring examples of library leadership, research metrics, communicating value and more.

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Promoting Your Library

Effective promotion of resources and events elevates library visibility and impact.

This self-paced course provides resources and a framework for building marketing campaigns, and leveraging social media platforms.

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Project Management

Learn essential project management skills for academic librarians.

This self-paced course follows a sample project from initiation through closing and provides a variety of tools and resources you can confidently use to lead small to mid-sized projects at your institution.

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