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Melodi Moore


Melodi Moore

Research Development Specialist

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Melodi Moore, Research Development Specialist at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, plays a crucial role in fostering collaborations, securing funding opportunities, and supporting faculty recognition.

Through leveraging various tools and platforms, as well as her involvement in strategic committees, she contributes to advancing research and achieving the University’s Strategic Funding Goals. Ms. Moore works closely with faculty to develop their UTMB Research Experts Pure profiles. These profiles serve as a comprehensive overview of faculty members' research expertise and accomplishments, making it easier to promote their research, identify potential collaborations and locate funding opportunities. She also administers the UTMB Funding Institutional site, the main platform that provides access to funding opportunities and resources for faculty members. She manages and updates information from the platform to ensure that faculty members have access to the latest developments and trends in research funding through a series of articles in Teams. Being a member of the University Research Strategic Steering Committee, Ms. Moore has the opportunity to contribute to the direction and priorities of UTMB's Strategic Research Plan. She is able provide valuable input and insights based on their knowledge and expertise in research development. Furthermore, Ms. Moore is involved in the Faculty Nominations, Award, and Recognition Office. In this capacity, she assists in identifying and submitting faculty nominations for national and international awards. She also oversees limited submissions, which involves managing the selection and submission process for these prestigious awards. Through the course of her career, Ms. Moore has evolved from a music major, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Music/General Studies, into a dynamic development and fund-raising professional. Music has always been a strong influence in her life, but what has driven her professionally has been a passion and call to public service. It was that passion that led her to her first development position with the US House of Representatives some three decades ago. Her varied background in grants and development in the government and nonprofit sectors brings a creative, non-science perspective to her work. Her multifaceted background, in the government and non-profit sectors, and creative outlook enables her to contribute a fresh perspective to her work in grants and development. Melodi finds fulfilment in collaborating with researchers and aiding them in obtaining the necessary funding to advance their scientific endeavours.