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Kazuyuki Kuroda


Kazuyuki Kuroda

Department of Applied Chemistry, Waseda University, Japan

Kazuyuki Kuroda received his doctorate degree in Applied Chemistry from Waseda University in 1979. He has been a full professor since 1989 at the same university. His carrier includes presidents of Japan Association of Zeolite, Japanese Sol-Gel Society, and Clay Science Society of Japan, and vice-presidents of the Ceramic Society of Japan and the Chemical Society of Japan. He has served as the program officer of the “Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (Eu-Japan) on Critical Raw Metals” funded by Japan Science Agency. He has received several awards including the Academic Award of the Ceramic Society of Japan, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, The Chemical Society of Japan Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award of International Mesostructured Materials Association. His current research interests mainly include inorganic materials chemistry focusing on mesostructured materials, intercalation chemistry, silicate chemistry, inorganic polymers, sol-gel chemistry, inorganic-organic hybrids, and self-organized materials.