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Jillian L Goldfarb


Jillian L Goldfarb

Associate Professor

University of Cornell, USA

Prof. Jillian Goldfarb received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University in 2004 and Ph.D. from Brown University in 2008.

She is an Associate Professor of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Her research tackles issues surrounding energy generation and its impact on the environment. On-going research projects include investigating the thermochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels via pyrolysis and hydrothermal processes, fabricating sustainable materials for water treatment, and designing slow-release soil amendments from waste biomass. Prof. Goldfarb is Principal Editor (Americas) of Fuel. She is recipient of the 2017 ACS Green Chemistry Institute GreenX: Rising Star Award, a 2017 Fulbright Scholar, a 2019 IUPAC Young Observer, and a 2022 Visiting Professor of Excellence at the University of Trento, Italy.