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Atlas Nominations 2018

November/December 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

The more gender equity, the less child poverty? A multilevel analysis of malnutrition and health deprivation in 49 low- and middle-income countries(opens in new tab/window)World Development

October 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Emerging infections—an increasingly important topic: review by the Emerging Infections Task Force(opens in new tab/window) Clinical Microbiology and Infection

September 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Deforestation and child diet diversity: A geospatial analysis of 15 Sub-Saharan African countries (opens in new tab/window)Health & Place

July/August 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning articles

eRepo-ORP: Exploring the Opportunity Space to Combat Orphan Diseases with Existing Drugs(opens in new tab/window)Journal of Molecular Biology

An overview of arable land use for the world economy: From source to sink via the global supply chain (opens in new tab/window)Land Use Policy

June 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Correlates of sedentary behavior in 2,375 people with depression from 6 low- and middle-income countries(opens in new tab/window)Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 234, July 2018, Pages 97-104

May 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Knowing less but presuming more: Dunning-Kruger effects and the endorsement of anti-vaccine policy attitudes(opens in new tab/window) Social Science & Medicine

April 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Performance of structural concrete with recycled plastic waste as a partial replacement for sand(opens in new tab/window)Construction and Building Materials

January 2018 Atlas nominations

Winning article

Antiprotozoal activity of medicinal plants used by Iquitos-Nauta road communities in Loreto (Peru)(opens in new tab/window)Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Read the story “Fighting malaria with help from the forest(opens in new tab/window)” about the award-winning research!

Shared withWhere are commodity crops certified, and what does it mean for conservation and poverty alleviation?(opens in new tab/window)Biological Conservation