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Emerging Technologies and Materials in Thermal Engineering

Aim & scope

Thermal engineering is one of the major fields with numerous fundamental and practical applications in industry and R&D. The field is rich with advances in technologies and new materials, applications and innovations. This series aims to fill the gap and publish recent breakthroughs in advanced energy materials and state-of-the-art technologies in thermal engineering. This series offers a systematic collection of knowledge and databases on advanced thermal engineering; where scientists, academics, engineers and researchers will find the most current, relevant information in one place to address their specific needs.

Authored and edited books on topics falling well within the scope of emerging technologies and materials for thermal engineering systems will be published in this series. The aim of each volume is to include coverage of relevant knowledge, methods, techniques, advances, applications, challenges and limitations on new energy materials and technologies in the form of a book or volume that can stand alone, contributed by global experts and organizations working in the field of thermal engineering.

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This book series will benefit researchers, academics, R&D engineers and graduates working in the fields of advancements energy materials and emerging thermal technologies. Following academic disciplines will directly benefit from this book series. Many topics will be of interest of chemical engineers as well.

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Energy engineering

  • Thermal systems engineering

  • Materials engineering

  • Chemical engineering (partially)

  • Civil and architectural engineering (partially)

  • Electrical and electronics engineering (partially)

Series Editor

Image of Hafiz Muhammad Ali


Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

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Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Emerging Technologies and Materials in Thermal Engineering


Forthcoming titles

  • Thermofluids in Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Applied Thermodynamics

  • Waste Heat Recovery, Its Utilization and Performance Assessment

  • Revolutionizing Heat Transfer

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Enhancement Techniques

  • Photoelectrochemical & Enzymatic Conversion of CO2 into Fuels

  • Phase Change Materials and Nano-PCMs

  • High-pressure Thermoelastic and Thermophysical properties of Smart Materials

  • Combustion Synthesis

  • CFD Simulations for Advances of Solar Thermal Systems

  • Advanced Thermal Engineering

  • Climate Change and Circular Economics

  • Data-driven machine learning applications in thermochemical conversion processes