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Developments and Advances in the Supply Chain Industry

Aim & scope

Modern technologies enable organizations to become more efficient and increase productivity. This book series will investigate the importance of these technologies in achieving sustainability in supply chains and determining future industries’ trajectories.

The impact of Industry 5.0 on supply chain management and its core concepts and principles will be the focus of this book series. It will analyze the threats and opportunities of digitization, cybersecurity, and technology dependencies in Industry 5.0 supply chains. This book series will examine risk management, supply chain network architecture, demand forecasting, and inventory optimization for constructing robust supply chains in the age of Industry 5.0.

This book series will also shed light on how to combine sustainability principles with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), robots, and automation to build supply chains that are resilient to disturbances, have a small ecological footprint, and effectively utilize human-machine collaboration. It will discuss applications of technology such as data analytics for lowering carbon emissions, IoT for monitoring and tracing goods, and AI-powered decision support systems. Sustainable concepts such as the circular economy, green logistics, energy-efficient operations, and responsible sourcing will be explored as they pertain to the Industry 5.0 supply chain.

Using case studies, industry examples, and practical insights, this book series will illustrate how to build supply chains that are both robust and sustainable in the age of Industry 5.0 and beyond. It will also help supply chain managers, academics, and government officials understand the nuances of Sustainable Industry in the technological era to build more sustainable and resilient systems, and it will inspire business executives, sustainability experts, and governments to promote sustainable development, social good, and corporate accountability over the long term.

Developments and advances in the supply chain industry book cover


Professionals and academics in the supply chain field, including students, instructors, researchers, logisticians, operations managers, procurement managers, supply chain analysts, and business executives; individuals with expertise in digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things; supply chain consultants and advisors

Series Editors


Syed Abdul Rehman Khan

School of Engineering and Management, Xuzhou University of Technology, XuZhou, China

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Adnan Ahmed Sheikh

Department of Business Administration, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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