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CAS article collection: Materials Today

Nano research from Chinese Academy Sciences

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Nanoscience and technology represents one of the most dynamic and promising areas of materials science – in terms of both fundamental science and the potential for far reaching applications that impact all aspects of our lives.

From the remote Stone Age, through the Bronze and Iron Ages, to the Atom Age and Information Age, the evolution of materials records the milestones in the history of human civilization. Being the bottleneck or the breakthrough, materials are critical and are impacting multiple disciplines and fields. Looking at materials science today – especially in China – research is blooming, in part demonstrated by an increase in publications of more than 300% in the past decade. In this special article collection, Elsevier’s Materials Today family is delighted to highlight the groundbreaking nanoscience and technology research being performed by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). These articles illustrate the innovation and critical thinking in the materials field as well as the supportive touch of materials research with other fields such as physics, chemistry, energy, health etc. This work demonstrates just a fraction of the cutting edge work being performed at CAS institutes: much more of which can be found via the comprehensive collectionopens in new tab/window of journals that comprise Elsevier’s Materials Today family.

This article collection has been compiled in celebration of ChinaNANO 2019, which brings together researchers from across this rapidly growing community to share work and provide a forum for both discussion and the building of fruitful collaborations. Materials Today is delighted to contribute to the ChinaNANO program with a special Topical Session entitled “Materials Today: The Future of Materials Scienceopens in new tab/window" on 17th August. We invite all delegates of ChinaNANO 2019 to join us in this session, featuring invited presentations by four leading researchers, and a special Publishing Workshop discussing the rapidly evolving landscape of scholarly publishing.

Professor Ze Zhang

Editor in Chief, Materials Today Nano Zhejiang University, China

Dr Christiane Barranguet

Publishing Director, Materials Today Elsevier

With thanks to the Article Selection Editor

Professor Ze Zhang Editor in Chief, Materials Today Nano School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

Dr. Ze Zhang received his Ph.D in 1987 from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked as a research professor from 1991- 2003 in an Electron Microscopy Center of Chinese Academy of Science. He was a professor at Beijing University of Technology between 2003-2010, and has been a professor of Zhejiang University since 2010.His research interests focus on electron microscopy study of advanced materials. He was one of the earlier researchers worked on quasicrystals in 1980s. In recent years, Prof. Zhang together with his research team have developed an advanced microscopy technique, with which in-situ external field can be introduced into the microscope retaining the atomic resolution. They successfully apply this advanced technique on in-situ electron microstructure study of the size effects of structural materials. Some new phenomena and laws are dug out with regard to the relation between special properties and structure evolution. Moreover, the mechanism of the unusual transformation in nano-scale for the classic metal materials is revealed.Prof. Dr. Zhang was elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001. Now he serves as the chair of Academic Committee board of Zhejiang University since 2012.  He is the author of more than 260 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals. He is a Chief Scientist of national basic research program of China, the President of China Association for Instrumental Analysis, and the President of Asia Pacific Electron Microscopy Association since 2012.

Professor Ze Zhang

Professor Ze Zhang

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