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Precision Medicine in R&D - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

Precision medicine in R&D

Drug makers are turning their focus from developing blockbuster drugs to making advances in precision medicine treatments. But what will they need to do to succeed?
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The Era of Immunotherapeutics - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

The era of immunotherapeutics

By boosting anti-cancer response using a patient’s own immune system, immunotherapeutics are showing incredible promise in offering more effective treatments with fewer side effects for cancer patients.
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The challenges of creating new antibacterials - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

The challenges of creating new antibacterials

Why is the World Health Organization concerned about a post-antibiotic era in which common infections can kill? What are the difficulties of designing antibacterial drugs? This exclusive article examines five antibiotic discovery programs to shed light on the challenges and possible solutions.
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Drug Attrition in Check: Shifting Information Input to where it Matters - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

Drug attrition in check: shifting information input to where it matters

Since the early 1990s, R&D expenditure by U.S. pharmaceutical companies has grown exponentially, but not because more drugs are being produced and approved.
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From Concept to Reality: What’s Required to Achieve the Promise Held by Precision Medicine - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

Achieving the promise of precision medicine

The vision for precision medicine is that it will offer improved treatments for patients, while also optimizing the drug development process as a whole.
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Sustainable Drug Development Builds on Effective Data Use - Reaxys - Pharma Whitepapers | Elsevier

Sustainable drug development builds on effective data use

Precision medicines display high efficacies against their target groups, but they still face the same problems as other drugs: high attrition rates during development, acquired resistance after launch and so on.
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