Understanding structure-activity relationships and synthesis routes

Reaxys supports hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization in pharmaceutical R&D

Easy access to high-quality data from patents and articles helps the researchers at Epigen Biosciences to study and understand structure–activity relationships and synthesis routes. It saves them time and helps avoid unnecessary optimization steps. Co-founder and COO Dr. Fabio Tucci explains why he and his team choose Reaxys for their research.

Interview with Dr. Fabio C. Tucci, COO of Epigen Biosciences


Epigen Biosciences collaborates with academic groups to discover innovative drugs for a range of medical conditions. Like any company in that position, Epigen needs easy access to high-quality data from patents and articles so they can study synthesis routes and structure–activity relationships. Due to the volume of data and range of sources, it can take a long time to find the data, and because data formats can vary considerably, normalization work is also needed.


According to Dr. Fabio C. Tucci, co-founder and COO of Epigen Biosciences, Reaxys overcomes their major data challenges. It enables his research teams to find answers faster because the data and experimental procedures have been excerpted from full patents and papers. In addition, because the data in Reaxys is already normalized, they don't have to perfom any normalization themselves. It covers most of what they need for synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Dr. Tucci says that Reaxys has achieved the perfect balance of a strong database with an intuitive interface.

Interview with Dr. Fabio Tucci, Epigen Biosciences - Reaxys

The data quality is excellent and the way the data is presented in the interface makes it very easy to work with. Reaxys has that perfect balance of a strong database and an intuitive interface.

Dr. Fabio Tucci, co-founder and COO of Epigen Biosciences


Epigen Biosciences has limited resources and time. For their goal of achieving synthesis with as few steps as possible, they need to find normalized, high-quality data quickly. The researchers there save a lot of time thanks to Reaxys: both in terms of search time and in terms of the understanding of synthetic methods that is possible with the reliable information provided. Multiple optimization steps are not needed when they have easy access to all the published experimental procedures.

We use Reaxys intensively for hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization.

Dr. Fabio Tucci, co-founder and COO of Epigen Biosciences

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