Real-time online drug pricing and analytics

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Follow drug price launches and important changes in one convenient solution

Delivering up-to-the-minute data, ProspectoRx makes it easy to follow drug price launches and important changes. Completely web-based and ready-to-use, our solution delivers all the pricing data you need on brand-name drugs, generics, medical devices and supplies in one convenient solution.

Receive data instantly

  • Get real-time drug pricing data nowhere else
  • Delivers immediate access to price changes and new product information as we receive new communications from drug manufacturers - even on weekends and holidays

Organise data intelligently

  • ProspectoRx is flexible, allowing you to group products with unprecedented precision
  • By organising products into competing market baskets based on how drugs are actually used, you gain a wealth of data for competitive intelligence and formulary development

Save searches and watch lists

  • Quick access to the data you need
  • Save searches based on product names, ingredients and other criteria
  • Create watch lists that will send email alerts when prices change