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Make data-driven drug discovery and development decisions and streamline literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance

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We help you to apply reliable science to develop innovative, targeted drugs and ensure compliance and safety

Developing effective, safe and affordable drugs today requires targeted and data-driven R&D. Managing compliance and safety risks as available data increases requires scalable and streamlined adverse event monitoring.

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Elsevier’s R&D Solutions integrate data, analytics and technology to help you make data-driven drug discovery and development decisions and streamline literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance. Our pharma & life sciences solutions - Reaxys, ScienceDirect , Scopus, Embase, QUOSA PV, PharmaPendium and Pathway Studio - are all backed by Elsevier's unique and deep expertise in data, science and technology.

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Answer a few questions to see which of our pharma & life sciences solutions can help you. From drug discovery to post-market, we offer solutions that can help you to drive commercial success and manage risk.

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R&D Solutions for drug discovery & development

Realise the potential of data-driven drug discovery and development with solutions that help you to increase research efficiency and ensure a thriving R&D pipeline.

R&D Solutions for pharmacovigilance

Achieve pharmacovigilance with less pain with solutions that help you to identify critical patient safety signals and automate the process of capturing and managing adverse drug reaction and safety information.

Our customers

Thousands of researchers and other pharma R&D professionals working in drug discovery, development and pharmacovigilance rely on our solutions. We serve:

  • 47 of the top 50 biopharmaceutical companies named by PharmExec
  • 22 of the 25 world's largest pharmaceutical companies ranked by Forbes
  • all 10 of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies, as recognised at the 2016 JP Morgan Healthcare conference

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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences


Drive successful early drug discovery by providing chemists with the shortest path to relevant literature, patent information, valid compound properties and experimental procedures.

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Uncover drug-disease relationships and drug-drug interactions by increasing the discovery of biomedical evidence and providing comprehensive relevant, up-to-date biomedical information.

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Make more informed drug development decisions on safety and efficacy, risk assessments and mitigation, and study designs by providing researchers with searchable FDA/EMA drug approval documents and comparative drug safety data.

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Promote efficiency and organisational compliance by centralising the discovery of adverse event information and automating information monitoring and triage in a scalable environment.

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Pathway Studio

Streamline target and biomarker identification and drug repurposing by providing biological researchers with greater insight into the mechanisms of disease and facilitating the interpretation of experimental data.

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Professional Services

Drive innovative pharmaceutical research by resolving challenges with data quality and integration and making data easier for researchers to compare, analyse, interpret and share.

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Help researchers to understand the entire breadth of research surrounding a disease by helping them to more effectively and efficiently search authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health content.

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Detect trends, find partnerships and identify experts to stay at the cutting edge of research through the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including tools to track, analyse and visualise research.

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