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Bringing the latest evidence to daily medical treatment.

"Today's Clinical Support" is an evidence-based secondary literature database.Written by 1,400 domestic experts, it supports doctors and medical personnel with descriptions based on the Japanese medical system.

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Since 2013 Adopted by 500 facilities, over 40% of university hospitals

Three points of "Today's clinical support"

1. Evidence base based on Japanese medical care

  • Thoroughly review both domestic and international guidelines and evidence, and clearly cite the references.

  • Written by approximately 1,400 domestic experts, prescription examples are based on domestic indications, usage, and dosage, and are described in accordance with Japan's medical system.

  • Describes the evidence that forms the basis of the recommendation and the recommendation level of each piece of evidence. moreover,

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2. Easy to read and excellent search functionality

Text as well as flowcharts, diagrams, and images are used to describe information clearly. Abundant recommended ratings and actual prescription examples are provided. Furthermore, excellent search functionality supports rapid decision-making in clinical settings.

  • It is easy to grasp the general flow of diagnosis and treatment.

  • With excellent search functionality, you can quickly access the necessary information.

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3. Providing the latest information with high update frequency

  • The editorial department monitors updates of domestic and international guidelines, announcements of important evidence, approval of new products, etc. every day and provides timely updates.

  • Updates in as little as two months after the guidelines are updated (on hold), drug information is updated monthly (online version), and contains a wealth of actual prescriptions by prominent doctors in each field.

  • All therapeutic drug information and package inserts, including generics, can be viewed.


4. Access a wealth of information anytime, anywhere

  • A wealth of information is compiled into one database, focusing on disease and symptom summaries, diagnosis and treatment policies, as well as test information, drug information, medical fee points, and explanatory materials for patients.

  • Access anytime, anywhere from electronic medical record terminals or Internet terminals.

  • Contribute to task shifting and team medical care by improving the work efficiency of doctors, nurses, and medical staff, and by sharing knowledge between professions.

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It can be used by many different professions and contributes to "team medical care."

  • Doctor: You can immediately check non-specialist knowledge and the latest evidence in Japanese and use it in your daily medical treatment.

  • Training doctor: As a tool for confirming medical information based on Japanese evidence, you can quickly investigate unknown points.

  • Nurses: You can find information and questions for planning nursing care plans from clinical reviews written by Japanese clinicians.

  • Pharmacist: You can check dosages by renal function, drug information for children and breastfeeding women, and treatment plans when ordering irregular drugs.

  • Medical staff: You can check disease information and medical fee points for Q&A during discharge support, etc.


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The feature of Today's clinical support

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Strong editorial team

Written by 1,400 clinicians representing various fields in Japan. Based on the Japanese medical system.

Message from Dr. Nagai

Today's Clinical Support, an e-textbook, aims to make evolving medical info user-friendly. Please share feedback on new content to include.
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Message from Dr. Uemura

Today's Clinical Support" blends "UpToDate" concepts with Japan's healthcare, offering quick clinical insights and research support via PubMed links.

Message from Dr. Kimura

Today's Clinical Support excels in searchability and currency, aiding generalists and specialists in accessing timely clinical information.

Message from Dr. Ito

Clinical Support Today offers expert, clear explanations of the latest guidelines. Utilize it in daily practice

Message from Dr.Nago

Essential for busy clinicians: 'Clinical Support Today' offers evidence-based resources in Japanese, ideal for all healthcare professionals.

CS-JPOC - Contract plan

Facility contract plan

It can be accessed from the hospital's intranet, including electronic medical record terminals and ordering terminals. Many facilities have praised the ease of use as it can be accessed from an electronic medical record terminal.

Individual contract plan

The Internet version allows you to access it anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Try our 15-day free trial to access all content.

Invest in improving the working environment and improving the skills of staff in order to realize "real medical care."

Before introducing "Today's Clinical Support" there were "inefficiencies in conducting research" and "concerns about the reliability of information." The following effects were achieved after implementation:

Link electronic medical records with "Today's Clinical Support" so that you can refer to disease information while viewing medical records: Achieving operational efficiency in all occupations

By using evidence-based "Today's Clinical Support" as the information source: ensuring the quality and reliability of information

Utilize "Today's Clinical Support" to share information within the department: Contributes to reducing time for the entire team (nurses, medical staff) See the detail of use caseopens in new tab/window


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The reason why people utilize “Today’s Clinical Support”

Bringing the latest evidence to daily medical treatment.

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