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Thomas Zemb


Thomas Zemb

Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule, France

Thomas Zemb is currently staff scientist at The French Atomic Commission studying organized molecular systems by X-ray, neutron and light since 1979 and  full Professor in Colloidal chemistry at INSTN. He holds a phD in Biophysics (Paris 1978) and D. SC. In Solid state physics (Orsay 1985) and founded the Saclay colloid group (LIONS) in 1992.  He was founding Director of the Institute for Separation Chemistry of Marcoule (2004-2018). Currently Humboldt fellow at FU Berlin working with Roland Netz and Rainer Haag. He is currently most involved implementing patents for innovative and sober formulations for metal recycling based on hydrotropes.