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Conference speaker

 Hiroyuki Takeda


Hiroyuki Takeda

Kyoto Sangyo University

Talk Title: Interpretation of the organizer-mediated BMP gradient in late development - Insights from the spontaneous medaka mutant, Da

I was a faculty member at the School of Science, the University of Tokyo for over 20 years and recently moved to the Kyoto Sangyo University. I have worked on various aspects of vertebrate development from early axis formation to late organogenesis and epigenetic regulation of developmental key genes, using two model systems, zebrafish and medaka (Japanese killifish). 

In fact, I was one of the first Japanese scientists to independently introduced the zebrafish system in Japan (January 1991). My recent research has focused on the establishment of the epigenome in early medaka embryos and the signaling mechanism of left-right axis formation in zebrafish embryos.

The HP of my new lab is currently under construction but the previous one is still active as below) in new tab/window