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Conference speaker

Barry Merriman


Barry Merriman

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Rosswell Biotech, USA

Talk Title: A New Era of Integrated Molecular Electronics: A Programmable Single-Molecule Biosensor on a Semiconductor Chip

Dr. Merriman has 30 years of experience in technology development. He is currently Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Roswell Molecular Electronics Inc

Previously, he served at ThermoFisher Scientific as Lead Architect for Advanced DNA Sequencing Technology, and at Human Longevity Inc. as VP of Global Technology Assessment. Prior to working in industry, Dr. Merriman was on the faculty of UCLA for 20 years, leading research programs in the physical and biological sciences. He has a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from The University of Washington.