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Conference speaker

Arianna Ricci


Arianna Ricci


University of Bologna Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies, Italy

Talk Title: Exploring tannins content and reactivity in red wines by means of an innovative and rapid optical method

Arianna Ricci is a Researcher in Food Science and Technologies, with focus in Wine Sciences. Her research interests focus mainly on bioactive compounds in wine (polyphenols), food-grade botanical extract (enological tannins), and their implication in wine quality and stability.

Further research focuses on the valorization of agri-food wastes, innovative technologies for the wine industry, and development of fast analytical methods for monitoring along the supply chain. She participated in several projects of national and international relevance, authored peer-review articles and book chapters, 46 of which recorded in Scopus, and holds two patents. She teaches “Wine Packaging” at the University of Bologna, Italy.