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Ann Leenaers


Ann Leenaers

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK CEN, Belgium

Ann Leenaers holds the degree Master of Science in Industrial Sciences. In 1998 she started in the Microstructural and Non-Destructive Analyses expert group at SCK•CEN. Her main research topics were nuclear fuel materials R&D, mostly in the research reactor fuels. In 2014 she obtained a PhD in Physics from the University of Ghent. Her thesis is entitled: Surface-engineered low-enriched Uranium-Molybdenum fuel for research reactors.

Since 2007 she is chairwoman of the international working group Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling (HOTLAB). In 2017 she was appointed head of the expert group Microstructure and Nondestructive analysis and in 2021 she moved to the Fuel Material group at SCK CEN at took the position of Senior Research Project Leader and Fuel Qualification lead for BR2 Conversion.