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Adrien Couet


Adrien Couet

University of Wisconsin, USA

Prof. Adrien Couet is a Full Professor in the Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he manages the MAterials Degradation under COrrosion and Radiation (MADCOR) laboratory. After graduating from Penn State University with a PhD in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering focusing on corrosion and hydrogen update in Zr alloys, he worked as a nuclear materials research engineer at EDF (Electricité de France) in France, on high-temperature aqueous corrosion and modeling corrosion and irradiation of nuclear materials. Over the last seven years, Prof. Couet has worked extensively in the areas of irradiation damage in nuclear materials with a focus on fuel cladding (such as zirconium alloys) and structural materials (such as compositionally complex alloys), as well as corrosion of materials in nuclear reactor environments, such as molten salts and high-temperature water. Dr. Couet also has expertise in electrochemistry in high-temperature environments. He also manages the UW Ion Beam Laboratory and leads multiple DOE and industry projects on nuclear materials corrosion and irradiation of current and advanced alloys for nuclear applications.