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Editorial fees policy

Travel expenses

V3 Dec 2023

General guidelines

In creating the editorial travel policy, we have built upon Elsevier’s climate pledge: we are accountable to achieve net zero carbon across all emissions by no later than 2040; see Climate Action. Elsevier’s preference is for environmentally friendly/conscious venue locations, which keep air-travel for both employees and non-employees to a minimum, encouraging greater use of low-carbon travel such as trains or hosting virtual meetings where possible.


  • Economy class travel will be reimbursed, with exceptions considered if travelling overnight or if a higher-class flight is needed for health reasons, with upfront approval of your Publisher. Should you wish to travel in a higher class than economy, please take a screenshot of the economy ticket price at the date of purchase, which is the limit to which Elsevier will reimburse.

  • Air Wi-Fi can only be claimed if used for journal business purposes while on a plane.

  • Baggage fees and other check-in charges can be reimbursed at a reasonable level, excess weight charges are not reimbursable. You can book or change your seat allocation, but not to upgrade the class of travel.

  • You may claim fees incurred by the travel agent or airline related to a changed airline ticket, if an appropriate reason is provided. Please always use the best available arrangements and “standard” category where possible.

  • Costs associated with rental car insurance, fuel, parking and tolls are allowed.

  • If you use your personal car for business travel related to journal editorial activities, your country's tax-free approved mileage allowance will be used to reimburse the mileage.

Public transit/train

Please always book economy/standard class for train, bus, public transport, ferry, hotel shuttles, etc. Should you wish to travel business class, please take a screen shot of the economy ticket price which is the limit to which Elsevier will reimburse.

Taxi/car service

  • For taxi, ride-hailing apps (e.g., Uber) and car service for business travel, please book standard class cars only where safe and possible.


  • Hotel accommodation can be reimbursed (excluding other hotel charges e.g., meals). Airbnb is not currently an approved option due to health and safety considerations.

  • Internet and phone charges and parking charges incurred at a hotel are reimbursable.

  • Laundry for travel exceeding four nights / five days or where there was an unexpected extension to the trip is reimbursable.