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Editorial fees policy

Editorial Board meeting expenses

V3 Oct 2023


An Editorial Board meeting is often followed by a dinner. Attendees and level of spend should be in line with the following company policies:

  • The cost of the meal should not exceed GBP 150 per person (or local currency equivalent).

  • Editors and Editorial Board members might also be employed by government institutions, both public and private, and are required to comply with any applicable gift and hospitality regulations of the said institution and/or their governing bodies.

  • Local policies and regulations apply for specific countries such as South Korea and Greater China.

  • Please consult directly with your Elsevier publishing contact if you have related questions.

Third parties

  • Editors should not pro-actively invite third parties such as spouses, family members, relatives, or guests of editors/Editorial Board members to attend events.

  • However, commemorative events e.g., a prize award or public thank you, where the editor/Editorial Board member is a potential recipient are an exception to the above, and attendance of a third party is permitted. This does require the upfront approval of your Publisher.

Meeting room/other expenses

  • Meeting room costs, audio-visual set up for slide sharing and conference calls, and meal/refreshment costs are all reimbursable.

  • No other form of entertainment is covered by Elsevier (e.g., visiting theaters, shows, sports events etc.).