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Develop and maintain a high-performing team

Performance management, professional development, skills training and knowledge acquisition tools to help develop and maintain a high-performing team. This ensures top performance in patient care, improved productivity and administrative management through evidence-based interactive curriculum.

  • Ensures your staff’s knowledge and skills are reflective of best practices and current evidence
  • Promotes standardised care across your
    healthcare organisation
  • Educates staff on all aspects of coding and reimbursement – from documentation improvement to coding compliance

Our solutions

Clinical skills

Standardise, measure and document knowledge with over 1,300 evidence-based skills and robust competency management.


RADPrimer is an educational platform with modules featuring case studies, reference images, and diagnosis solutions. Whether you are a budding resident or an experienced radiologist, healthcare professionals cannot afford to stop learning.


PATHPrimer is an integrated, web-based pathology resource designed to serve resident, educator and doctor needs with comprehensive educational content. Featuring case studies, reference images and diagnosis solutions for both anatomic and clinical pathology, the PATHPrimer experience is tailored to each user.