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Discovery is at the heart of science: whether it’s discovering new publications to further a research direction or reaching a new outcome to advance science, you depend on having the right resources.

ScienceDirect is a smart solution that empowers you to be more impactful in your work. With its combination of authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications and smart, intuitive functionality, you can be more informed, effective and efficient in your research, teaching or studies, and be empowered to reach your goals.

Whether you are a researcher, a teacher, a student or an information professional, ScienceDirect improves the way you find, read, understand and share scientific research.

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To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.Albert Einstein


For researchers, teachers & students

Focus more time on your research, teaching or studies by quickly getting to the most relevant publications you need. ScienceDirect features sophisticated search and retrieval tools, as well as content integrated from a variety of external sources, to help you go beyond search to discovery. Includes information for academic librarians.

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For government agency researchers

With ScienceDirect, you can navigate across a broad array of high quality journal articles, book chapters and supplementary data that support your research understanding and exploration, so that you are always up-to-date and aware of developments impacting your field. Includes information for government information professionals.

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Research & Development

For R&D professionals

Improve your research output and make a greater impact in your field. With ScienceDirect, you can quickly assess the relevancy of content, extract key insights, and share, connect and collaborate with your peers so that you can carry out more accurate, impactful research. Includes information for corporate librarians and information professionals.

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Guest Users

ScienceDirect abstracts and citations are always free and full publication access is available through pay-per-view transactions.

Complete ScienceDirect access is widely available through institutional subscriptions.

Guest users who require full access to the text of a publication and who do not have access provided by their organization can use a credit card to download a PDF or HTML version through a pay-per-view transaction. Abstracts, tables of content and citations are always free.

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Elsevier's API program allows you to integrate content and data from ScienceDirect into your own website and applications. Developers looking to get programmatic access to journals and books published by Elsevier on ScienceDirect can visit our Developer’s Portal to learn more.

Read more about Elsevier’s text and data mining policy.