Data for Successful Lead Candidate Development

Validating lead candidates that will succeed in preclinical and clinical trials requires accurate chemical reaction and bioactivity data. The right information focuses precious resources optimally and Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry have the crucial experimental data for both validation and optimization of leads with optimum affinity, selectivity and ADMET properties.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry Fact Sheet

Discover how Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry supports in selecting the best possible drug candidate during early discovery.

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Discover All the Potential Targets of a Drug

Most traditional drugs act on more than one target, meaning their pharmacological profile is quite complex. How best to discover all of the potential targets of a drug-like compound?

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Focus on Gaining Insights

Data in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry are ready to be discovered, used and analyzed so you can focus on gaining insights.

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Driving Success in the Pharma & Life Sciences Industry

The following customer interviews highlight how Reaxys offers a distinct advantage in in the highly competitive pharma & life sciences industry.


Reaxys makes computational work easier because the chemical and bioactivity data are normalized. We don’t have to perform the normalization ourselves. Dr. Fabio Tucci, co-founder and COO of Epigen Biosciences, discusses how he and his fellow researchers use Reaxys to support their application of advanced hit-to-lead and lead optimization methods. Click here to read the full Elsevier case study (PDF, 1.2mb)

Reaxys saves us considerable time. It makes it easier to model the synthesis of new leads and make decisions about which ones to pursue. Dr. Gary Allred, co-founder, president and CEO of Synthonix Click here to read the full Elsevier case study (PDF, 670kb).

Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry] are really well suited to lead identification and validation. The medicinal chemistry data is really useful when we're scoping out the interactions between a target class and similar compounds to our leads. Dr. Bel Mekonnen is the CEO of the start-up drug discovery organization Hager Biosciences, which is focused on the development of lead compounds for unmet medical needs. In this interview, he discusses how drug developer's data needs have changed, and how Reaxys fits their current requirements. Click here to read the full customer interview (PDF, 450kb).

Our process research services focus on the development of efficient production processes for selected drug candidates. Reaxys helps our chemists to be more creative and efficient in the lab and thus provide a higher output to our clients. Dr. Tommi Meulemans, project manager in Mercachem's Organic Synthesis group, is concerned with finding innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient ways to deliver on customer requests. Reaxys has the data to help his team develop optimal synthesis routes and maintain stringent quality control. Click here to read the full customer interview (PDF, 606kb).

Reaxys can quickly lead you to a practical starting point. If you can't find the exact compound, you just search for similar sequences of reactions to get to the target compounds. Takahashi Nakai, a medicinal chemist at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, describes how Reaxys supports him with a multitude of tasks: SAR analyses, target identification, synthesis route planning and compound characterization. Click here to read the full customer interview (PDF, 591kb).