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Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry combine highly-curated databases of chemistry data and literature with powerful search interfaces. They return relevant extracted data and citations in optimal formats for chemistry research. Both can seamlessly integrate into an existing environment of tools and systems, saving time and reducing the risk of inconsistencies.

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What is Smarter Chemistry

Smarter chemistry is about connecting ideas and connecting people. It begins with finding relevant information, like reaction and substance data. With 150 years' experience in organizing scientific information, Elsevier supports the whole range of chemistry research. Our journals, databases and search tools provide the data that empower researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries. Reaxys stands at the core of Elsevier's commitment to smarter chemistry, giving chemists the data they need to make the world a better place.

Choosing the Right License

Reaxys delivers experimental data and literature, while Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry helps connect chemicals, bioactivity data and targets. Available separately or fully integrated through a single UI, they cover every type of chemistry R&D.

Reaxys Fact Sheet

Reaxys provides powerful search options to give researchers total control of their search, ensuring only the most relevant results.

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2015 Reaxys PhD Prize

The Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes the extraordinary chemistry research of young chemists. We are delighted to announce the 2015 Reaxys PhD Prize 45 finalists selected from nearly 450 submissions from around the world, including many top research groups. This year’s Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium is being held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on September 7th and 8th. The 45 finalists are all invited to present their research and the climax of the Symposium is the announcement of the 3 winners who will be selected on site.

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Learn and Understand Named Reactions: Download the ReactionFlash App

It’s now possible to learn and understand named reactions that only a Nobel Prize Winner could previously know. The ReactionFlash app helps you learn and understand named reactions, whether famous or almost forgotten, by providing you with over 250 learn named reactions and review mechanisms. You can also explore published examples from Reaxys and see how much knowledge you have retained by taking a fun ReactionFlash Quiz. Start learning today:

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