Fully searchable drug approval documents and extracted data to inform critical drug development decisions.

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Foresee the Best Drug Development Strategy

Challenges are inevitable on the path to regulatory approval of drug candidates. Successful drug development involves anticipating those challenges as early as possible. Comparative and up-to-date information is needed to verify pharmacokinetic and experimental data, anticipate species-specific issues in translating in vitro and in vivo studies, predict potential drug–drug interactions and design trials to best preclude regulatory issues.

Regulatory Knowledge at your Fingertips

Access to comprehensive safety and regulatory data on known drugs helps researchers answer critical questions and increases confidence in drug development decisions. PharmaPendium delivers the content and data that researchers depend upon, including FDA and EMA full drug approval packages, FDA AERS, FDA advisory committee meetings and selected journals. Furthermore, its extracted databases on drug safety, pharmacokinetics and metabolizing enzymes & transporters provide indispensable preclinical, clinical and post-market coverage.

"PharmaPendium saves me a lot of time. If I don't find things immediately on the authority's web page then I would start digging in other places. Now I just let go of it and slide to PharmaPendium."Specialist, Major pharmaceutical company

PharmaPendium Fact Sheet

PharmaPendium offers dedicated data modules that provide insights and information on the critical focused areas of drug development, drug safety, ADME and drug-drug interactions. Discover how PharmaPendium:

  • Bolsters informed decisions with unique, hard-to-find information
  • Saves considerable time
  • Retrieves more comparative drug safety information than any other tool

Download the PharmaPendium fact sheet (PDF, 904kb)

Gain Key Insights on Drug Efficacy Benchmarks from approved drugs

In drug development, it is essential to gain insight into drug efficacy to help with triaging drug candidates, designing better studies for clinical trials, and selecting the most appropriate clinical endpoints and indications. The new Efficacy Module for PharmaPendium delivers those insights, enabling more informed decisions in translational and clinical study design.

Download the Efficacy Module Fact Sheet (PDF, 780kb)

Access Preclinical and Clinical Exposure Data

Refine therapeutic window analyses and experimental design with high quality precedent data from approved drugs.

Download the Pharmacokinetics fact sheet (PDF, 875kb)

Model Drug Behavior In Vivo

Explore this vast database to anticipate drug-drug interactions, drug efficacy and toxicity.

Download the Metabolizing Enzymes & Transporters fact sheet (PDF, 1.2mb)