A geoscience solution that empowers natural resource exploration geoscientists

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A geoscience solution that empowers natural resource exploration geoscientists

Discovering natural resources is like piecing together a puzzle. Exploration geoscientists are often tasked with solving it without all of the pieces — and under strict timelines. With access to accurate, easily-discoverable, and reliable information, geoscientists can fill in knowledge gaps and make informed decisions in upstream Oil & Gas.

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Geofacets for Oil & Gas
To be successful in upstream exploration you need trusted data at your fingertips. Geofacets enables seamless search and integration of maps from trusted sources.

Dive Deep into Exploration with Trusted, Geologic Maps

Geofacets empowers geoscientists with an innovative, spatially-designed platform combined with hundreds of thousands of geologic maps and integration capabilities. With Geofacets, quickly discover downloadable, georeferenced maps curated from trusted publications that help organizations make informed decisions and increase productivity.

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Geologic Data – Geofacets

Maximize Time

Geofacets helps me to maximize the short amount of time that I have in preparing for participating in data rooms, so I walk into it with a good understanding of the area and what questions I need to try and answer. Exploration Geologist, Large E&P

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Explore Mexico with Geofacets

Making informed decisions in the upcoming high-stakes, competitive Mexico lease block bid rounds requires easy access to validated data and maps in Mexico. Exploration team leaders seeking to increase their team's productivity under tight deadlines and mitigate risk need intuitive solutions.

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Geofacets at a Glance

Discover why Geofacets is an essential resource for geoscientists. 

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