Engineering Village helps businesses stay abreast of scientific and technical developments, track key research, identify key opinion leaders and stay ahead of the competition. Using Engineering Village, you can accelerate product research, support innovation and gain insights to inform business decisions.

Researchers & Engineers

  • Find the reliable information you need in order to advance critical projects
  • Stay up-to-date on what your competition and researchers around the world are doing; avoid duplication of effort
  • Automatically track university, government and corporate research trends and projects
  • Network and/or collaborate with colleagues and find potential R&D partners
  • Use collaborative tools such as tagging and grouping to stay connected with peers in academia and private institutions

Information Managers

  • Provide users across the globe with a world-class, comprehensive abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed engineering content
  • Link quickly and accurately to full-text articles, optimizing your company's investments
  • Support management's business decision process
  • Increase the visibility of and access to other resources