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Biomedical Evidence is Essential

To successfully perform critical functions such as pharmacovigilance, generating high-quality systematic reviews in support of evidence-based medicine and drug and medical device efficacy studies, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations require a wide array of biomedical evidence. Embase increases the discovery of biomedical evidence to support critical life sciences functions, delivering relevant, up-to-date biomedical information to the global biomedical research community.

Celebrating 40 Years of Exceptional Embase Quality
Did you ever wonder how biomedical articles are added to Embase? Follow the path of biomedical articles into Embase and learn how our full-text indexing, strict quality controls, Emtree thesaurus and Embase search features support you in your biomedical research.

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Relevant and Accessible Biomedical Information

Over 30 million abstracts and indices from published, peer-reviewed biomedical literature, in-press publications and conferences are available on Embase. Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data, supported by the Embase thesaurus Emtree, facilitates precise searching.

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Webinar: Embase for biomedical searching: Indexing and retrieval

Join Embase expert Ian Crowlesmith as he discusses how a typical article is indexed in Embase, what our approach to indexing is and how this has evolved over time. Ian will also demonstrate how drugs, diseases and devices are indexed and how indexing helps you find relevant information.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 4pm CET

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Embase Fact Sheet

Embase is ideally suited for pharmacovigilance, systematic reviews and biomedical research. Delve into its unique features and functionality.

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