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Biomedical Evidence is Essential

To successfully perform critical functions such as compliant adverse event reporting, systematic reviews for evidence-based medical decisions and drug and medical device efficacy studies, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations require a wide array of current and historical biomedical evidence and information. The challenge lies in performing comprehensive searches efficiently so that research teams stay up to date.

Celebrating 40 Years of Exceptional Embase Quality
Did you ever wonder how an article is added to Embase? Follow the path of an article into Embase and learn how our full-text indexing, strict quality controls, Emtree thesaurus and Embase search features support you in your research.

Relevant and Accessible Biomedical Data and Literature

Embase is a crucial resource for discovering biomedical evidence within published, peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and conference abstracts. Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data — supported by Emtree — helps retrieve precise answers to search queries. Furthermore, Embase Classic — a repository of historical records — ensures that researchers see the full picture and make better-informed decisions.

Customizable alerts, RSS feeds and multiple data export possibilities are available to make it easy to keep track of drug and device adverse events and collaborate with colleagues. Embase is comprehensive and versatile — and recommended by the Cochrane Collaboration as a key database for systematic reviews.

Compliance with Drug Safety Regulations

Drug safety legislation is complex and ever changing, requiring strict compliance, and only efficient pharmacovigilance workflows can meet the stringent requirements of regulatory agencies. Pharmaceutical companies need a comprehensive solution that enables drug and disease information tracking and provides preclinical and clinical data to support risk management and mitigation decisions.

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Information for Every Step of Medical Device Design

Medical device manufacturers need relevant information to prove that their product is needed, effective, safe and reimbursable. Regulatory approval and post-market safety monitoring are also mandatory and require high-quality current data in a searchable form.

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Evidence-based Medicine for Systematic Reviews

Evidence-based medicine solutions have the potential to save lives. Finding all the relevant information from the biomedical literature is vital to creating high-quality systematic reviews that accelerate clinical decisions, increasing the success of funding applications and improving patient outcomes.

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Emtree Fact Sheet 

Our experts use Emtree, Elsevier’s life science thesaurus, for full-text indexing of journal articles. Discover how this provides deeper insight into biomedical literature.

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Embase Classic Fact Sheet

Older records contain considerable information that drives current research. Embase Classic ensures that older data remains available to researchers. See what’s inside.

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Embase Fact Sheet

Embase is ideally suited for pharmacovigilance, systematic reviews and biomedical research. Delve into its unique features and functionality.

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