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Insights to Improve Drug Development from Target Identification to Post-Launch

Pharma & life sciences organizations depend on data to achieve better R&D outcomes, but finding, interpreting and integrating diverse datasets to quickly discover actionable insights is a universal challenge.

Elsevier R&D Solutions offers tools that solve these data challenges, enabling research teams to predict outcomes based on past experience — an essential task in lead identification, drug development, pharmacovigilance and more — which helps them make better informed research and business decisions.

Supporting All Stages of Drug Discovery & Development

Disease Biology

Elsevier helps organizations understand the biological mechanisms and biomarkers of diseases or abnormal states, enabling the development of new drugs and therapies. 

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Lead Optimization

Elsevier provides high-quality external data and supports harmonization with internal data to improve hit identification and lead optimization processes.

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Drug Candidate Selection

Elsevier enables unique access to FDA and EMA drug approval documents and data, and biomedical literature, to enable critical decisions in drug candidate selection, study design and risk mitigation.

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Elsevier provides optimal literature monitoring and triage strategies to ensure that drug and medical device companies monitor all mentions of adverse events efficiently, and stay compliant on regulatory reporting.

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Reaxys connects researchers with carefully curated, relevant facts and insights to shorten the distance between chemistry research and development.
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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry provides all of the bioactivity data needed for early pharmaceutical development with an advanced search interface.
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Embase is the world’s largest database of high-quality biomedical information.
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PharmaPendium offers unique documents and data from FDA and EMA drug approval packages, including the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. This essential information supports critical drug safety and risk mitigation decisions.
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QUOSA facilitates literature monitoring, sharing, organization and annotation of scientific literature and other documents. It is an ideal solution for literature triage and storage of information for compliance reports such as PSURs and ICSRs.
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Pathway Studio

Pathway Studio enables the analysis and visualization of disease processes and more.
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Professional Services

Elsevier R&D Professional Services provides custom data stewardship and bioinformatics solutions for life sciences research.
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Text Mining

Elsevier Text Mining enables the retrieval of highly specified information from unstructured content, providing meaningful answers to complex questions.
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ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading information solution for researchers, combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health content with smart, intuitive functionality.
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Scopus is the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, featuring tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research.
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