Elsevier R&D Solutions offer information tools and integration services to help organizations uncover essential insights and improve R&D outcomes. We serve R&D professionals and engineers across a variety of industries including Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, High Tech and Chemicals.

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Our solutions include trusted content, analytics, interactive tools and integration services that enable engineers and R&D professionals to discover essential insights and improve R&D outcomes.

R&D Solutions for Industry

Serving the chemical industry for over 50 years, Elsevier offers scientific, engineering and technology research solutions to address a range of challenges in a competitive market.

High Tech
From semi-conductors to consumer electronics, Elsevier solutions support innovation and R&D activities with information and insights into market segments, fundamental concepts, trends and technologies.

Oil & Gas
From exploration to production research, Elsevier offers superior scientific, engineering and technology research solutions developed with detailed input from industry experts.

Life Sciences
From target identification to post-launch, Elsevier’s portfolio delivers key insights for decision making. Our professional services team offers custom configurations for enterprises with specific information needs.

R&D Solutions for Engineering

A platform offering full-text access to Elsevier's publications, including scientific journals and e-books by industry experts and Nobel prize winners.

A comprehensive citation and abstract database with scientific literature patents and more.

Trusted content, optimized search and data analysis tools enabling engineers to easily find relevant data and analyze, document and incorporate it into their everyday workflow.

Engineering Village
Comprised of 10 engineering literature databases, researchers find trusted and relevant sources including scholarly journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, patents, government reports, books, and more.

R&D Solutions for Life Sciences

A copyright compliant solution that empowers organizations to share information with speed and efficiency.

A cutting edge, multipurpose database covering the most important international biomedical literature.

Pathway Studio
Enables users to create and apply molecular models based on a comprehensive resource of biological content.

Enables chemists to find essential, relevant and actionable chemistry information needed to support critical decisions.

The only research solution offering excerpted pre-clinical, clinical and post-release safety data in a single longitudinal database with 2.2 million searchable pages of FDA approval packages.


Elsevier R&D Solutions aim to accelerate and improve R&D decisions and outcomes for:

Basic Research

  • Improved discovery through efficient access to scientific literature

Drug Discovery & Development

  • Designing effective approaches to identify novel targets
  • Culling leads more quickly for safety and efficacy
  • Managing risk & compliance through adverse event reporting

Product Design and Development

  • Material selection
  • Process improvement


Our customers include corporate, academic and government R&D professionals, scientists and engineers.