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What is Reaxys?

Reaxysand Reaxys Medicinal Chemistrycombine comprehensive databases of chemistry literature and data with a powerful interface. They return relevant extracted data and citations in optimal formats for your research. Validate promising leads, investigate chemical synthesis possibilities, and understand relationships between chemicals and bioactivity data with Reaxysand Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry.


Access over 16,000 periodicals with
~500 million published experimental facts covering every field of chemistry.


Find structures, properties, synthesis possibilities, reactions and bioactivity data.


Get inorganic, organic and organometallic chemistry and bioactivity data through one interface.


Control your search by choosing from various intuitive search options such as Ask Reaxys and ReaxysTree.

What does Reaxys deliver?

Reaxysbrings you chemistry in its broadest sense, covering every field of chemical research in academia and industry. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistryhelps you make the link between chemical compounds, targets, and bioactivity data. Available separately or through a single user interface, they are the most efficient way to discover chemistry.

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What can I do with Reaxys?

Choose the optimal search mode for your questions, with options like single and combined text, structure and reaction queries. Get your results in an optimized display format, such as compound structures, reactions, synthesis possibilities and citation lists. Refine, annotate and share your result sets in formats that let you integrate data into your environment.

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Who uses Reaxys?

Reaxysand Reaxys Medicinal Chemistryare designed to support novice and experienced users alike. Scientists in every industry use Reaxys to retrieve the exact chemical data they need. Academics worldwide use Reaxys for research and education. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry supports drug developers, environmentalists and chemical biologists with crucial bioactivity data.

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Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry represents an international community of chemists, including some of the finest young minds in the field. The community is dedicated to conveying inspirational science through 3 main programs:

  • The Reaxys PhD Prize,which is open to PhD students worldwide, celebrates some of the very best in chemistry research.
  • The Reaxys Prize Clubis open to the winners and finalists of every year's Reaxys PhD Prize. It connects chemists from every area of research.
  • The Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Conferencebrings together some of the world's finest chemists to celebrate inspirational chemistry.

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