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Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry answer chemistry questions. Both allow you to search for several concepts in a single search and organize the results to present the most relevant information first. They provide multiple ways to search, allowing you to choose the best search mode for your question. Available separately or through a single user interface, they are the best way to discover chemistry.


Reaxys brings you chemistry in its broadest sense, covering every field of chemical research in academia and industry. Discover Reaxys

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry helps you make the link between chemical compounds, bioactivity data and targets.
Discover Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

How Reaxys enables discovery

Imagine researchers attempting to find a compound that could overcome certain types of antibiotic resistance. What questions would they ask? What data would they discover? This short video follows the researcher's journey from identifying a challenge to finding a possible solution.

Go deeper into chemistry and bioactivity

Reaxysand Reaxys Medicinal Chemistryare available as a fully integrated research solution that allows you to access both through a single, streamlined interface. This doubles your power for lead identification and validation: for instance, you can identify the best drug candidate in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistryand find the best way to synthesize it in Reaxys.

Combine the world's most comprehensive chemistry database with the largest bioactivity database to boost your drug discovery power.

Explore the world of life science research

Modern research is a cross-disciplinary experience: chemists may need access to bioactivity or biomedical data; cell biologists may need detailed chemistry data. Elsevier recognizes how crucial it is to support researchers with access to information from multiple disciplines and has created the Elsevier Life Science Solutions Portfolio.

These compatible Elsevier products serve the whole R&D process for drug development and discovery, helping you to analyze disease pathways, identify the best targets and lead compounds, prepare pre-clinical and clinical trials, and monitor products post-release.

Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry are members of the Elsevier Life Science Solutions Portfolio. Avoid the frustration of working with data in non-compatible solutions from different suppliers. Explore the world of life science research with Elsevier.

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