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Designed with chemists in mind, Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry enable researchers in every field of chemistry to drive their work forward. Combining a fully-indexed database that covers every chemistry-related field with customizable ways to make your queries, Reaxys gives you relevant answers every time you search. When you have chemistry questions, ask Reaxys.

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chemical reactions database

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We've combined the world's largest medicinal chemistry database with dedicated features to give insight into your search results. With nearly 20 million bioactivity data points covering around 5 million compounds and 9,000 druggable targets, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is ideal for supporting rapid drug candidate assessment.

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To give you even greater access to relevant information in various contexts, you can choose to access Reaxys Chemistry and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry through a single, integrated interface. What's more, they connect with a whole range of Elsevier products within the Elsevier Life Science Solutions, including PharmaPendium, Science Direct and Scopus. Broaden your research possibilities – see what other solutions support your research.

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chemical reactions database