Embase - Biomedical Research

Boost your biomedical research

Embase supports your work

Embase has unique and comprehensive journal and conference coverage for all your biomedical informatics needs. In-depth indexing makes it easy to find answers, and customizable e-mail alerts that send out regular updates support tracking and automate the retrieval of information. Whether you are doing systematic reviews, monitoring the literature to make informed decisions in evidence-based medicine or are engaged in pharmacovigilance and post-market monitoring of your products, Embase is the ideal solution for you.

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Embase - Biomedical Research

The right database for rigorous reviews

Embase is a key resource for biomedical evidence, from published, peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and conference abstracts. Widely recognized as an authoritative source for generating systematic reviews, Embase's comprehensive indexing of trial and study types, reviews and meta analyses ensure maximum searchability.

Direct access to key information

When you search with Embase, you find the answers you want quickly, without having to wade through whole articles. We achieve this thanks to our policy of full text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data. Retrieve the precise data you need, presented in context and proceed with confidence.

Embase - Biomedical Research

Thesaurus Emtree

All the terminology at your fingertips

When our biomedical experts index articles, they use the uniquely detailed life science thesaurus Emtree. It covers trade, generic and chemical designations for drugs, medical device trade and manufacture names, disease names and more. Full text indexing with Emtree means you can search the terms you know and still find all the relevant answers.

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Customizable alerts to keep you informed

Embase is designed to help you track the issues that interest you. It's easy to automate the retrieval of information. Simply customize and save daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly alerts and let the data come to you.

Embase - Biomedical Research

Embase - Biomedical Research

Multiple data sharing options

Discovery happens when data is shared. Embase supports data export, RSS feeds and integration services, making it possible to share data with a wide range of systems. Let Embase facilitate the spread of crucial information.

More journal coverage than any other database

If you're searching MEDLINE, you're only seeing part of the picture. Embase provides unparalleled coverage of the biomedical literature, with over 28 million records from over 8,400 currently published journals. Embase includes over 6 million records and over 2,700 journals that are not covered by MEDLINE. That's not all — thanks to Embase Classic, you have access to data going back to 1947. Each year many new journal titles are added to Embase - please use the Journal Title Suggestion Form to suggest new titles.

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Journal titles covered in Embase (XLSX document)

Embase - Biomedical Research

Biomedical Research

Unique conference coverage, unlike any other database

Embase includes conference abstracts from important biomedical, drug and medical device conferences dating back to 2009. It currently indexes over 1,000 conferences covering 300,000 conference abstracts each year — advanced information you will miss if searching MEDLINE alone. Download a list of all covered conferences here (XLSX document).

Support for critical biomedical research functions

What is your role in biomedical research? Embase is designed with critical biomedical research functions in mind: medical librarians performing systematic reviews of drug and medical device literature; corporate and governmental safety and risk managers; information managers involved in competitor monitoring; and pharmacovigilance and drug safety researchers.

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