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Embase is the world's most comprehensive international biomedical database, with resources for everything from clinical trials to pharmacovigilance studies. As a key resource for drug and medical device tracking, it enables you to get to market faster and stay current when it comes to safety information and compliance updates.

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The breadth and depth of data is the central reason why information managers, regulatory specialists, clinicians, medical librarians, educators and physicians use Embase to track and retrieve precise information on drugs and diseases, from pre-clinical studies to searches on critical toxicological information.

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Embase is a biomedical database with over 28 million indexed records from thousands of peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings — over 6 million of which can't be found in MEDLINE. What's more, all of the content is fully indexed using the Elsevier Life Science thesaurus Emtree — a hierarchically structured, controlled vocabulary for medicine and related life sciences.

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