Library Connect Digital Libraries Symposia

2011 DLS (Theme: Mobile Technologies: Issues for Academic Libraries)


2011 DLS panelists in San Diego

The 13th Annual Digital Libraries Symposium, held in San Diego on January 8, 2011, focused on "Mobile Technologies: Issues for Academic Libraries."
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Above photo: Left to right, Suzanne BeDell, Brian Schottlaender, Joe Murphy, Kevin Rundblad.

2010 DLS (Theme: The New Role and Image of Academic Libraries)



2010 DLS panelists in Boston

The 12th Annual Digital Libraries Symposium, held in Boston on January 16, 2010, focused on "The New Role and Image of Academic Libraries."
See the symposium's agenda.

Elsevier's Global Director for Institutional Relations Daviess Menefee gave opening remarks.
Access Daviess' remarks (Audio podcast |Transcript).

The panelists, Wendy Pradt Lougee with the University of Minnesota, Winston Tabb with Johns Hopkins University, and Carol Tenopir with the University of Tennessee, delivered presentations.

The panelists' talks addressed:

The discussion involving panelists and audience members covered: With most information available online, what value can libraries add to the work of university researchers, faculty and students? How to communicate this value? What are the main challenges?
Access the discussion (Audio podcast |Transcript).

Elsevier's Senior Vice President Karen Hunter offered closing remarks.
Access Karen's remarks (Audio podcast |Transcript).

Above photo: Left to right, Carol Tenopir, Winston Tabb and Wendy Lougee.

2009 DLS (Theme: Next Gen Librarians)


2009 DLS moderator and panelists in Denver

The 11th Annual Digital Libraries Symposium, held in Denver on January 24, 2009, addressed the theme "Next Gen Librarians: Who Are They & What Do They Want?"

Panelists included Next Gen librarians Jack Maness with the University of Colorado at Boulder and Denise Pan with Auraria Library, joined by MLIS student Refugio Ramirez from UCLA and university library director Gary Strong also with UCLA.

The discussion covered career paths, the library director's view on Next Gen librarians, skill sets needed to achieve career success in academic libraries, and what Next Gen librarians are glad they learned or wish they had learned in library school.

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Above photo: Sitting left to right, Gary Strong, Refugio Ramirez and Denise Pan. Standing left to right, panel moderator Elsevier Global Library Relations Director Daviess Menefee and Jack Maness.

2008 DLS (Theme: Assessing the Library's Role)


Paula Kaufman speaks at the 2008 DLS

UF Senior Associate Dean of University Libraries John Ingram's talk

John spoke on Millennials' information needs. To understand this generation’s library needs, he runs focus groups with his students and high-school students. His findings could suggest a new paradigm for undergraduate library services.

UIUC University Librarian & Dean of Libraries Paula Kaufman's talk

Paula spoke on the academic library's ROI. For details on points she covered, see the Library Connect white paper,
"University Investment in the Library: What's the Return? A Case Study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign."

NJIT University Librarian Richard Sweeney's talk

Rich spoke on characteristics of this generation. He went on to ask questions crucial to consider when providing services and products supporting young scholars: How can we give Millennials the flexibility, convenience, choice and control over their time that they want? How can we provide relevant, efficient services? How can we offer “learning by doing” experiences?
  See Rich's presentation.

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2007 DLS (Theme: Collaboration)

CRKN Executive Director Deb deBruijn's talk

Deb spoke on “The Changing Nature of Consortia: Building Serious Interdependence.”
See Deb's presentation.

Microsoft Senior Researcher Cathy Marshall's talk

Cathy spoke on personal digital libraries.
See Cathy's presentation.

Elsevier Senior Vice President Karen Hunter's talk

Karen spoke on “Publishers and Librarians: Competitors or Collaborators?”
See Karen's presentation.