What are offprints?

An offprint is available immediately upon publication and is an exact copy of your complete article. Offprints are provided freely to authors in either paper or digital (PDF) form.

As standard we provide e-offprints (PDFs). However, some journals offer paper offprints instead or in addition (and this is clearly indicated in the Guide for Authors which you will find on the journal's homepage).

An e-offprint is a watermarked PDF version of your published article. The e-offprint is delivered by e-mail, so it is a fast and convenient way for you to receive and disseminate your published article as soon as it is available. For details about permitted use of your offprints please refer to Authors’ Rights.

How do I request additional offprints?

You will automatically receive an Offprint Order Form when your paper has been accepted for publication. If several authors are listed, the named corresponding author will receive the request form. It is the corresponding author’s duty to compile requests from all contributing authors into a single order.

You can track the progress of your article in the publication system with our online tracking system.

How do I order paper offprints?

Prior to publication, you can order paper offprints when you receive your Offprint Order Form. If your journal does not offer paper offprints as standard, you will have to pay a small fee. After you return the order form, please allow 30-60 days for delivery of paper offprints. This is also dependent on local postal services.

After publication, you can order paper offprints via the Elsevier Author WebShop. Here you can order between 50 to 250 offprints, in increments of 50, provided on high-quality glossy paper with optional covers.

If you are ordering paper offprints on behalf of a corporation or institution or wish to order more than 250 offprint copies, please contact: